Vol. I Introduction to Foosball

Table Layout, Game play overview, Formats, Basic strategies, Introduction to ball control, practice strategies, Playing your best game, Common misconceptions, Tournament play.

Vol. II – Passing Mastery

Back to 5 bar, Back to Front 3 bar, 5 bar to 3 bar Wall passes, Lane passes, Bounce passes, Brushing, Tic-Tac passes, center passes, Catching Techniques, Passing made EZ , pro practice secrets & more.

Vol. III – Shooting Mastery

Shooting Techniques, Targeting, Gripping techniques, setting up a series for winning, Execution, Faster shooting through physics, Reverses, Trick shots & more.

Vol. IV – Defensive Mastery

Passing defense, Front defending goalie shots, Back defending goalie shots, Goalie defending goalie shot, defending front 3 bar shots, Defining the alley, baiting, Reading a shooters tells & more.

Vol. V – The Psychology of Winning Foosball Play

The opponent doesn’t matter, It’s all in your head, Before the quarters, Getting in their heads, creating outcomes, The match killer, The winning mindset, Internal dialogue& more.

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