Also called table soccer, Foosball is a table game that resembles soccer whereby the ball is moved by manipulating rods to which small player like figures are attached. This game dates back to ancient times. It originated in the United Kingdom in 1921 and was invented by Harold Thorton. Years down the line, the game has grown to become a popular game among people and especially teenagers.  To play great foosball you’ve got to be playing on the best foosball table of 2019.

Playing the game is quite fun. Among peers, the games seems easy. However, to become an advanced Foosball player requires a lot of practice and time. Lucky for you, this article provides you with the top 5 tips that you can use to improve your game and help you to win Foosball.

1. Make A Proper Use of Your Goalkeeper

Using your goalie properly is quite a tough task for any player. You are given the task to manage the goalkeeper using your weak hand, and considering the short reactions times, and sharp reflex needed this turns out to be the downfall of most players. However, if utilized well your goalie can, like in real life football, be your strong point in the game. Learning to control the goalkeeper using one hand while managing the outfield players with your other hand can help you become a better player and win more games.

Also, you can ensure that your goalkeeper is not left alone for a more defensive game. It is important to
keep in mind that defense wins games. Playing a defensive game can be achieved by placing your goalkeeper and at least one defender in a position that they are in a point to block any incoming shot. This reduces or eliminates the probability of conceding simple goals, such as goalkeeper-to-goal goals.

2. Place Your Forward Players In A Perfect Angle And Ready

Your true offense is represented by your three-person rod. You should, therefore, try to advance the ball towards them and have as much control as possible. However, if you position these players too straight, the ball will most likely hit them and bounce back to your opponent. Placing the players in a position that they are angled forward enables you to receive the hold the ball. You can then assess the next move to make while you have full control of the ball.

Once your forwards have full control of the ball, you are advised to take angled shots. Instead of hitting the ball head on, it is advisable to use the corner of the feet of the player to ricochet an angled shot towards the goal. Such shots are difficult for opponent’s goalkeepers to stop, hence giving you goal advantage.

3. Take As Many Shots On Goal As Possible

Unlike in real life football, a Foosball goalkeeper can’t handle the ball. The ball bounces back from the goalkeeper’s feet and goes back into the play. Assaulting the goal with as many shots as possible increases your chances of scoring before the opponent recover.

4. Master Key Passing Skills

In Foosball, good passing is the key to a well-executed offensive game. It ensures that your opponent keeps
on guessing, which enables you to move the ball forward and in better positions to score. Using better passing skills ensure you have the hold of the ball in most time, which increases your chances of scoring. For instance, you can make use of short, but controlled passes among your players, which reduces the time your opponent has the ball. If the opponent can’t touch the ball, he can’t as well score.

Another strategy to use is the use of a wall pass. This is one of the most effective ways to pass the ball to your three rod forwards. You are required to, first, control the ball on the inside edge of your number two five-players. You’re then supposed to position the three-man forwards against the wall and pass the ball from your five-man to your forwards.

5. Avoid Angling Your Defenders

Most opponents will score a goal when the bodies of your defenders are parallel to the table. This is caused by poor strategy or inattention. To avoid being scored more goals, position your defenders in an upright angle which helps enables them to act as a barrier between the goal and the ball, even when you are not controlling

6. Bonus – Environmental Factors

Why not play at a bar that offers outdoor foosball tables and get some sun while your at it? But be wary of where the bright sun is hitting so you don’t get blinded. Take this to your advantage and pick the right side.

Inspect the table;

  • One of the rods a little sticky?
  • Dead spots on the table?
  • Does the table left to the left?
  • How does ball drops on faceoff? ( does it favour one side?)
  • Make sure you take all this into account when playing, as the higher the skill the more this stuff matters.

While there are many tips and techniques which you can use to win at Foosball, the five tips I can recommend for you are using the goalkeeper properly, placing the forwards in an ideal angle, taking as many shots as possible towards the opponent’s goal, mastering key passing skills and avoiding angling your defenders. These tips provide you with the agility to play and increase your chances of winning.

Football is a sport that is incredibly popular and is adored by billions of fans all across the planet. The sport has indeed been one of the most played sports, right up there with basketball and cricket. Teams of two play against each other and they usually consist of 11-18 players in each team. The objective of the game is to kick a ball to your teammates who ultimately try and get the ball to a goalpost, which is guarded by a member of the opposing team.


There are indeed some people who have gained enormous success in this sport; here is a list of some of those people:

  • Lionel Messi, age 25, comes in at the top of the list, which was indeed not a surprise. He is an excellent player. His position on the team is ‘forward’, and he plays for Barcelona. His nationality is Argentinean.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo at second place, plays for Real Madrid. He is 27 years old and is originally from Portugal. He plays the position of ‘forward’ on the team, same as Messi.
  • Xavi who plays the position of ‘midfielder’ is on the Barcelona team, same as Messi. He is from Spain and is 32 years old.
  • Andres Iniesta also plays the position of ‘midfielder’ on the Barcelona team. He also is from Spain. He is currently 28 years old.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic is originally from Sweden and plays for PSG as a ‘forward’ and is 31 years old.
  • Radamel Falcao also plays the ‘forward’ position, for the Atletico Madrid. He originated from Colombia and is currently 26 years old.


  • Robin Van Persie plays the ‘forward’ position for Manchester United. He is from the Netherlands and is 29 years old.
  • Andrea Pirlo is from the magnificent land of Italy and is 33 years old. He plays for Juventus as a midfielder.
  • Yaya Toure plays for Man City as a midfielder. He is from Ivory Coast and is 27 years old.
  • Edinson Cavani is 25 years old and is from Uruguay. He plays for Napoli as a forward, in the team.
  • Sergio Aguero plays forward on the Man City team. He originated from Argentina and is 25 years old.
  • Iker Casillas plays as a goalkeeper for Real Madrid. He was born in Spain and is 31 years old.
  • Neymar surprisingly so far down the list, but a very popular player indeed, plays for Santos as a forward. He is from the beautiful country of Brazil.
  • Sergio Busquets plays as a defender as well as a midfielder for the Barcelona team. He is from Spain and is 24 years old.
  • Xabi Alonso plays as a midfielder for Real Madrid and is from Spain. He is 31 years old.
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