Charlize Theron talks cameos in The Boys and Doctor Strange

Charlize TheronPhoto: Kevin Winter (Getty Images) No one works harder to kick as many ass in Hollywood than Charlize Theron. Her dance card is currently full of action roles, including x fast and the sequels of The old guard and Atomic Blonde. And it comes out cameos in two of the hottest superhero universes, Prime … Read more

Sci-Fi Comedy Brian and Charles: Interview with the Director and the Stars

Image: Focus characteristics The world can be a dark and horrible place. But like Brian and Charles explores so delightfully, the power of friendship can work wonders, even when that friendship sometimes gets stormy – and even when that friendship is between a lonely inventor and the awkwardly bulky robot it crafts from random parts. … Read more

Taika Waititi explains why Natalie Portman returned for Thor 4

Image: marvel studios When Taika Waititi resumed the Thor franchisefans began to hope that Natalie Portman would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Jane Foster, especially since the two Oscar winners share similar indie dramatic sensibilities. In a new interview with fandangoWaititi – along with Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson – discussed how Portman … Read more

15 questions we have about it

5. What was Dogson’s plan? Confrontation between Malcolm and Dogson.Image: Universal This one bugged me (pun intended)! But I think I cracked it. We know that BioSyn studies dinosaurs to help humanity. We also know that in addition to helping humanity, they created these locusts to kill all crops not grown with BioSyn seeds, thus … Read more

Love and Thunder Runtime Revealed

Screenshot: marvel studios In a way, a New Duke Nukem the movie is on its way. And so is a new take on the headless horseman! Cry 6 wants to move to the Big Apple. More, those crazy kids on Riverdale fight the biblical plagues, and this week Bad deals with a big sex fiend. … Read more