“Lunchflation” is real. Going back to the office is costing us a fortune

“Lunchflation” is real.  Going back to the office is costing us a fortune

Millions of employees started working remotely after the pandemic hit in 2020. But now, more and more people are returning to the office – and they’re being greeted by much higher prices for just about everything. Food. Commute. Nursery. Rising gas prices and soaring inflation have made getting back to the office more expensive. And … Read more

Analysts point to tech stocks to buy after selling

Three analysts share their outlook for the tech, with one saying it’s poised for a hard rally, and another naming “very interesting” stocks in the sector. Chris Watling, managing director of Longview Economics, said the stock market as a whole was “ready to rally”. “We just need a whiff of good news somewhere to spark … Read more

Consumers defy inflation to support the economy. For how long?

WASHINGTON (AP) — With prices across the economy — from food, gas and rent to cars, plane tickets and hotel rooms — rising at their fastest pace in decades. decades, you’d think Americans would rein in their spending. Not so far. Consumers as a whole are showing surprising resilience, not only maintaining their spending, but … Read more

Fed’s Bullard says retailers who don’t understand consumers are being stretched by inflation will get ‘punched in the face’

Retailers who continually raise prices and fail to understand that consumers are being strained by inflation will lose market share, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said Friday. “A lot of CEOs have come on TV and said ‘oh, I have a lot of pricing power and I can do whatever I want and make … Read more