“I’ve been through hell”

A woman who developed alopecia after stopping hormonal birth control shares her story – so others can prepare for the nightmare. After taking birth control pills for 10 years, Chancey Sessions, of Alabama, went off the pill in November. What followed was shocking hair loss – 60% coverage in just two months – and doctors’ … Read more

‘moderate’ drinkers may still be at serious risk: new study

According to a recent study, people who consider themselves “moderate” drinkers may still be at risk for serious alcohol-related problems. Research generally categorizes a person’s alcohol consumption over the course of a week, so that someone who drinks a glass of wine with dinner every night is lumped into the same category as someone who … Read more

The man’s toe pain was actually a massive cancerous kidney tumor

About five years ago, Richard Bernstein began experiencing mysterious pain in his right toe. “I went to my podiatrist,” the 62-year-old Montvale, NJ resident told the Post. “I thought I broke my toe, but he couldn’t find anything wrong.” Two years later, the pain crept into his ankle, so he saw a sports doctor, who … Read more

Ketogenic diet may increase lifespan: New study

Scientists may have discovered “keto” longevity. Stanford University researchers have found that the ketogenic, or keto, diet makes muscle stem cells better able to handle stress. Similar effects were found with a fasting diet. The results were published in the journal Cell Metabolism. “As we age, we experience slower and less complete healing of our … Read more