Probiotics experiment shows ‘good bacteria’ can help treat depression

According to a new study of 47 volunteers who experienced depressive episodes, probiotics — the “good bacteria” often thought to lead to positive health responses — may have a role to play in treating depression. Research participants who took probiotic supplements in addition to antidepressants showed greater improvement in their depressive symptoms than those who … Read more

The human brain is much hotter than we ever imagined, scientists say

From your car’s engine to your laptop’s components, mechanical systems tend to heat up when they’re working harder. Now, new research has revealed that the same can be said of the brain – and it gets hotter than previously thought. According to a new study, parts of the deep brain can reach up to 40°C … Read more

Severe COVID-19 ‘rare’ in unvaccinated people, survey finds

A survey found that people who did not receive the vaccine had a lower rate of suffering from severe COVID-19 amid the pandemic. The survey uploaded to the ResearchGate preprint server presented data from more than 18,500 respondents from the “Control Group” project with more than 300,000 participants in total. An analysis found that compared … Read more

Anorexia can lead to dramatic changes in brain structure, new study finds

A devastating and life-threatening eating disorder, anorexia nervosa exerts its effects on the body. However, a new study also highlights the impact that a lack of sufficient nutrition can have on the brain, dramatically reducing critical measures of brain structure and health. Based on a total of 1,648 female brain scans (685 with anorexia nervosa) … Read more