Video of Spider-Man mech crashes into wall at Disneyland

There are a ton of Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) out there. There were three of them in the last live-action movie alone. There were twice as many (albeit some with different names) in the animation Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. There was once, notoriously, a Broadway Spider-Man, with songs by Bono and The Edge. And there’s one at … Read more

Across the Spider-Verse Adds One of Spidey’s Goofiest Enemies

Image: Sony Pictures Animation The Spot is one of marvel universethe dumbest and least intimidating villains. His power is to be able to create holes – à la Looney Tunes – on himself and any surface he sees fit, which can make him annoying for the heroes to fight, but hardly impossible. Suffice it to … Read more