A Mouse Study Just Reveals a New Molecular Link Between Hunger and Exercise

It’s well established that regular exercise benefits our bodies, especially in protecting against obesity, but scientists continue to take a closer look at why this happens at the molecular level. In a new study, scientists subjected mice to intense treadmill workouts and analyzed how chemicals in the animals’ cells then began to change over time. … Read more

Probiotics experiment shows ‘good bacteria’ can help treat depression

According to a new study of 47 volunteers who experienced depressive episodes, probiotics — the “good bacteria” often thought to lead to positive health responses — may have a role to play in treating depression. Research participants who took probiotic supplements in addition to antidepressants showed greater improvement in their depressive symptoms than those who … Read more

Giant Study Reveals Over 14% of the World’s Population Probably Have Had Lyme Disease

More than 14% of the world’s population has had Lyme disease, the most common tick-borne illness, according to a major review of available research published Tuesday. Central Europe had the highest infection rate at 20%, while men over the age of 50 living in rural areas were most at risk, the newspaper study found. BMJ … Read more

Anorexia can lead to dramatic changes in brain structure, new study finds

A devastating and life-threatening eating disorder, anorexia nervosa exerts its effects on the body. However, a new study also highlights the impact that a lack of sufficient nutrition can have on the brain, dramatically reducing critical measures of brain structure and health. Based on a total of 1,648 female brain scans (685 with anorexia nervosa) … Read more